a landscape view of Joshua Tree National Park filled with hills and rocks.

Joshua tree beauty

Whoa, it is been a while. I want to say I’ve been insanely busy, but I have been in a funk with all that’s going on in the world it’s hard to stay on top of things while trying to be productive. Doom scrolling and staying in bed just feels like the only thing I can do sometimes. And sometimes it’s necessary to do exactly that.


Between insane procrastination of my last assignments for grad school and work, I took a day trip to Joshua Tree! I have been once before and it was so crowded especially for pandemic times I felt a little suffocated even been in this wide-open gorgeous desert landscape. This time around it was empty compared to the time before and felt so nice! My boyfriend and I decided to do the same trail as we did before but we had my brother and my best friend so we thought we could show them this trail and the stunning views.

We ended up doing the Cottonwood → Mastodon Loop trail with about a 400 ft elevation gain. There are a few stairs paved stairs through the rocks which I think are so cool and kind of seem like it is out of a movie. I have always found the desert too harsh and barren and didn’t think it was beautiful like other places such as Yosemite National Park. But I have come to appreciate the absolute beauty of the desert. There is so much beauty in its harshness and sometimes unforgiving climates. Joshua Tree needs to be experienced at least once in everyone’s life. 

a plus-size brown girl wearing a mustard hat, gray sports bra and black shorts sitting and smiling at the camera.
Me at the top of the Mastodon Loop!

When it comes to my gear I recently bought this brimmer hat from North Face. It came in one of my favorite colors (mustard or timber tan as they label it) and it was so comfy and covered what it needed to cover! And the fabric offers UPF 50 sun protection. I am also a fan of United by Blue’s bandanas they are so gorgeous that sometimes I feel bad using them to wipe my sweat or cover my face. The biggest star of this trip was my Super Fit Hero shorts! I finally have found shorts that don’t roll up, don’t let me down and cause horrible chaffing. I absolutely in love with them and I would recommend them to all my chunky babes. 

a trail in Joshua tree with several rock formations encompassing a trail.
Sight-seeing trail by Cap Rock.

As a plus-size hiker going up on an incline is a little worrisome cause I am a little slower and am working with a knee injury, but I don’t let that stop me. This hiking trip was the first time I actually took off my shirt because of the heat (of course wearing a sports bra). I was so shy at first but my goal was to get to the top and that’s all I focused on. I felt so liberated just walking freely and listening to my body and its needs. I am on this health journey and the biggest thing is loving myself at every single stage and that’s exactly what I am doing.

I did a quick TikTok on my trip you can find it here! And follow me too! 

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