I have highlighted a few projects and presentations I have done within my professional role. A detailed resume/C.V. is available upon request.

Author Talk with Keith Buckley

I booked and co-interviewed vocalist, lyricist and novelist Keith Buckley. He is the author of “Scale” and “Watch” both from Rarebird Lit. We talked about writing, his novels and what the future has in store for him. You can check out the full post on Anaheim Public Library’s Facebook.

Creating Safe Spaces: Latinx Youth and the LGBTQ+ Experience at the Seguimos Creando Enlaces Conference

I had the pleasure of presenting at the Seguimos Creando Enlaces Binational Conference on the successful LGBTQ+ programming I conducted. You can watch the presentation as well as others on impacting the underserved here.

LGBTQ+ Teen Programming

I had the opportunity to create a series of programs at a small branch located within low socio-economic neighborhoods. I wanted to focus on LGBTQ+ services and resources as this is such a hot topic especially within a Latinx community. I wrapped up the programs with a author Skype talk with Brandy Colbert.

Program Intern at Girls Inc.

As a Summer Program Intern, I coordinated and taught a research-based curriculum for female youth that promotes women empowerment. I conducted workshops on healthy relationships, self-esteem, and teenage relationship violence. I was able to work with and connect with girls from diverse backgrounds. Despite the position not being in the LIS field, this experience kick-started my love for programming and connecting communities with resources.